Seeking Solutions


Being a real estate agent in this part of the world frequently takes on interesting dimensions. One of my more satisfying tasks recently was to help a young family relocate to Cayman. An English family with four young boys, they had sold their company profitably enough to enable them to retire to Florida. From there, they’d come to Cayman on vacation … and liked what they saw.

Over several phone calls, we tossed around a few different options, discussing ocean-front properties that might suit them. They wanted to be close to the schools (at least three of their children would be attending local schools) and close to George Town, the center of activity. They also wanted to live in a neighborhood with children of similar ages to their own. They wanted great views; a spot for their luxury boat; a large living space … and they had the budget to pay for it.

We spent days, stretching into weeks, viewing properties. Nothing quite met their specific needs. There was only one solution: I decided to show them a parcel of land that I suspected might peak their interest. I was right. It was in an area that’s both private and prestigious. Though not oceanfront, it has good water access, on-shore breezes, somewhere for their boat and good elevation. They were sold … and within a short time, began planning to build their future home of about 12 000 sq ft.

My relationship with them did not end there. The role of realtors in places such as Cayman often extends beyond the sale of property into the realm of relocation services. It is a great pleasure to work with clients in this way, suggesting various schooling options for their children, recommending attorneys, introducing them to builders and architects. For clients, too, facing the often daunting task of relocating and creating a new life in a new country, the assistance of a good realtor is invaluable. They rely on him or her for good information, informed advice, thoughtful suggestions. All part – and a pleasurable part, too – of the service!