An Interview with James Bovell


How important is it to find a little time for yourself every day?

It’s very important to find a little time for yourself every day. I think at some point you need to step away from your desk and from what you’re doing. Otherwise you get all wrapped up and end up being unproductive. The truth is you need to work in 45-minute increments to be really effective with your time when working on things that require your full attention.

What activities do you find take the stress out of work?

Right now, I go to boot camp or yoga and I play rugby. But hanging out with my family in a fun environment, like going swimming with the kids, those kinds of activities are good stress relievers.

How do you balance family and a career?

Remember what’s most important to you. And remember that your relationships require time. So, by giving your family the time they need, you’ll have
a balanced family life and inevitably a better career. This is pretty normal stuff but practicing it is more difficult. I am always trying to find that balance.

How do you reward yourself after a hard day or week of work?

These days, my rewards are not working on a laptop or the computer when I get home. And for me, watching a movie or going to the movies as a family are rewards. I like to also go out for dinner, whether it’s with family or with friends.