RE/MAX Cayman Islands – In This Together

RE/MAX Cayman Islands - In This Together

COVID-19 has changed everyone’s lives and we are all learning how to live in an ever-changing world that has affected each and every one of us, but one thing is for sure, more than ever, that we are “In This Together”.

Launching “In this Together” Campaign

At the end of March, RE/MAX Cayman Islands launched “In this Together”. The purpose of the “In this Together” campaign is to support Cayman by giving back. The primary focus will be donations to local charities, who are both critical and the most vulnerable at this time, as well as some of the most needed services.

Charities will include Feed Our Future, Homeschool Lunch Program, Meals on Wheels, The Pines Retirement Home, Cayman Ark, The Alex Panton Foundation, Cayman Crisis Centre, The Cayman Islands Humane Society and The Cayman Food Bank, among many others.

RE/MAX Cayman Islands has donated an initial CI$25,000 to launch this campaign. 100% of these funds will go directly to local charities and none of these monies were or will be used to market and promote this campaign. In fact, all of our agents at RE/MAX Cayman Islands have committed to donating a percentage of their commissions to this cause and hope to raise an additional CI$25,000.

RE/MAX Cayman Islands kicked off this campaign with a CI$2,500 donation to Meals on Wheels who provide free, hot, nutritious meals to seniors, the homebound and the disabled throughout the 5 districts of Grand Cayman.

“Nearly 300 meals are delivered daily, directly to their homes free of charge. More now than ever the most vulnerable in our community continue to be fed, thanks to generous donations like that of RE/MAX Cayman Islands” Jennifer West, Meals on Wheels General Manager.

PLUS…RE/MAX is matching any donation made to Meals on Wheels using #INTHISTOGETHERKY up to an additional CI$2,500 and to date we’ve raised over CI$2,000 more for Meals on Wheels.

Just last week, a CI$2,000 donation was made to the Homeschool Lunch program. This program in collaboration with The Department of Education, Kiwanis’s Buy a Kid Breakfast Program and Feed our Future provide a hot meal or supermarket voucher to over 445 students that were receiving a Breakfast from Kiwanis or lunch from Feed our Future and also to their siblings, and other students that the school principals and counselors have identified are in need or at risk during the school closure.

“When faced with a crisis, the one thing the people of the Cayman Islands can be proud of is how we come together as one and today is no different,” added James Bovell, Broker/Owner at RE/MAX Cayman Islands. “With the developments of the COVID-19 virus raising levels of concerns across the country, it is important now that we come together… as one. That we keep each other safe and that we support each other here in Cayman.”

“We encourage everyone who can to make the pledge to join us by posting photos and comments on social media using the hashtag #INTHISTOGETHERKY to share how they are giving back,” added Kim Lund, Broker/Owner at RE/MAX Cayman Islands.

The “In this Together” website will feature a blog that will be regularly updated with a variety of stories including but definitely not limited to:

  • New donations
  • Donation match campaigns
  • Ideas and pledges shared with #INTHISTOGETHERKY
  • Good news from our community
  • Ideas for staying connected
  • Motivational posts with ideas on how to stay positive and keep moving
  • Local business news
  • Offers from both businesses and individuals that directly help the community
  • Entertainment in a healthy way with fun games

Please join us by giving back wherever you can. We are in this together and together we can get through this.