Young artists get RE/MAX awards


Young artists get RE/MAX awards

By: Hannah Ebanks
03 May, 2013

RE/MAX Art Competition winners and sponsors. Photo: Hannah Ebanks

Winning artwork submitted to the annual RE/MAX Art Competition will grace the pages of the Chamber magazine.

Students who entered their work were awarded their prizes recently at the George Town Yacht Club.

The winners in each category were:

Ages 5-7

1st: Ryan Sebastian Munoz, 7, St. Ignatius

2nd: Naomi Tibbetts, 5, Triple C School

3rd: Marisa Ann Poole, 7, Cayman Prep & High School

Ages 8-10

1st: Nathaniel Felipe Powell, 10, Lighthouse Academy US

2nd: Anelia McGrath, 8, St. Ignatius

3rd: Lotoya Brown, 9, Prospect Primary

Ages 11-13

1st: Ashley Carolee Ebanks, 11, Bridgeway School

2nd: Brandon J Bodden, 13, Clifton Hunter High School

3rd: Omar Fellows, 12, Clifton Hunter High School

Ages 14-17

1st: Mya Scotchman, 14, Clifton Hunter High School

2nd: Jazz Pitcairn, 14, Cayman Prep & High School

3rd: April Lynne Ebanks, 16, John Gray High School

“RE/MAX is extremely proud to be involved and it’s a different thing to do. I think in this day and age there are not enough art programmes in schools and this is a way to encourage arts and crafts. The goal would be to have every kid enter and we get hundreds of entries, but there are thousands of kids in the schools. 

Having done it for five years, we will continue. This is something our company and all our staff as a whole are proud to be involved in,” said James Bovell of RE/MAX.

Each age group had a different theme: Easter Camping (age 5 to 7), Cayman Traditions (age 8 to 10), Election 2013 (age 11 to 13) and Breast Cancer (age 14 to 17). 

Each first place winner received an iPod touch, courtesy of RE/MAX, second place received a $100 gift certificate from Office Supply and third place received $25 gift certificate from Books & Books. 

The first place winners’ artwork will be displayed on the back of the Chamber magazine over the next coming year. All winners’ artwork will be displayed online on

The winners received their prizes on Tuesday at a ceremony held at the George Town Yacht Club. Several members of RE/MAX were there to support the artists along with friends and family members. 

They got a preview of the Chamber magazine with the first piece of artwork on the back. The artwork featured was first place winner, Ashley Carolee Ebanks in the 11-13 age group. Ashley’s work can be viewed on the back of the Chamber magazine and keep an eye out for the other winners’ work on upcoming issues.