What Are the Reasons for Buying Newly-Built Real Estate in Cayman?


It makes sense at the end of the day in invest in new construction.

In a market that is still young by most standards our construction is newer and in a lot of cases our market is becoming newer as properties are being renovated or improved and redeveloped, taking into account all the added advantages of today’s construction methods.

Today’s construction is of a better quality than that of older days as there is better skilled labor and the customer is demanding a better quality finish to their homes or investment properties. As the Cayman Islands are located in the warm waters of the Caribbean , and we will continue to see passing Hurricanes it is very important for owners to have peace of mind, therefore the strength and integrity of your construction is more and more important in today’s market.

The styles that are now being built in Cayman is of quite a variety as the influences of new people to the islands and locals looking to try things that they have seen elsewhere in the world, coupled with the ability to source and deliver the necessary supplies and quality labor being of better standards lends to these kinds of opportunities.

The efficiencies that are being gained in today’s construction area are helping with environmentally friendly products and also cost savings as well due to time savings or improved yet more cost efficient products. With new construction, your overhead and maintenance is going to be lower than existing properties and also due to these newer products and materials you should find that this all goes a long way to long term savings in the upkeep of your property.

The features that are offered these days is all most out of this world, whether it is home theaters, fiber optic lighting or horizon edge pools, it all means that the ability for a customer or client to find or built the home of their dreams is possible now.

One of the best aspects of new construction is the appreciation, whether it is a new development at today’s prices for a product that will arrive in tomorrow’s market or the home owner who purchased the lot, pays the stamp duty on the land only and builds their home the way that they had envisioned it which all leads to good appreciation over time. For those that were interested in resale, I will continue to run.

For those that were interested in resale, buyers will continue to want younger properties over older ones when ever given the choice, as the property might seem outdated to them. There is choice out here in Cayman’s market place and if not the Cayman builders can help you built it, once you have found that perfect home site.