Neighbours want Kai PAD info


As published in the Caymanian Compass l WEDNESDAY  5 JUNE 2013 l

Neighbours want Kai PAD info

By: Patrick Brendel |

05 June, 2013

A major development floated for Cayman Kai in North Side has sparked serious concerns among nearby residents. However, the developer said the new plan is not a significant departure from what was already intended for the area.

On Tuesday, the Caymanian Compass published a story on Criton Development’s application for a “planned area development” on some 50 acres in the district of North Side in Grand Cayman, mostly on the inland side of Rum Point Road. But the proposal also includes a hotel on the ocean, next to the Sea Lodges of Cayman Kai.

The Kai Village PAD also includes a small marina, homes, offices, retail, community centre, park and restaurant, with construction possibly taking place during the next five to seven years.

After the print deadline for Tuesday’s newspaper, the Compass received emailed statements from the developer and also the Cayman Kai Property Owners Association.

Dale Crighton, director of Criton Holdings Ltd., said the proposal is part of the long-term vision for the ongoing development of the area and dovetails with his company’s The Cays at Rum Point, which is immediately to the west 
of The Kai Village PAD.

“The application is a standard PAD plan, which is generally in keeping with what was already envisaged for the future development of the site. Although no 
construction of any structures for hotel or commercial use is to take place in the immediate future, what the plan does in fact do is to include the proposed second phase of the development with the various uses anticipated given future demand for the area,” he said.

“As it was always envisaged to incorporate some level of light commercial in the second phase of the development this is no major 
deviation from the original development. Given the limited amount of facilities available to residents and visitors in the area, we feel this is something that we can incorporate into our development for future phases of the Cays allowing for badly needed amenities such as a gym, pharmacy, post office, fuel station, community centre, etc.,” Mr. Crighton said.

Robert Hill, chairman of the Cayman Kai Property Owners Association, said neighbours are seeking more information about the proposal and the development’s potential effects on the environment.

“The residents of Cayman Kai are just now learning of a proposed development affecting the North Sound coastline and the Cayman Kai area and those who have seen what is being proposed are very concerned. As residents we are trying to get more information on the proposed development from the Planning Department and will consider all our options as information becomes available,” he said.

“Our major concerns relate to the potential detriment to both the natural and built environments,” Mr. Hill said. “The proposed development will significantly affect the mangrove and coastal environment over a large segment of the North Sound, which is a unique environmental resource.

“It will also fundamentally change the built environment in this part of the island, which has long been an area that has offered tranquillity to our visitors and residents alike. The last thing residents of Cayman Kai wish to see is the over-development that has happened in other parts of the island,” he said.