Living the Dream: Enjoying Life in West Bay, Grand Cayman

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Brown Sargassum Seaweed

A serene tropical paradise located south of Cuba, The Cayman Islands has developed at a rapid pace, transforming from a quiet Caribbean outpost to a luxurious vacation spot. Its largest island, Grand Cayman, is where you’ll find yourself at the heart of the action. However, on its northwestern tip is a quiet nook that’s perfect for those who take an interest in places off the beaten track area of West Bay.

A place that epitomizes the “small-town vibe,” West Bay allows for a peaceful sojourn amid breathtaking natural landscapes while still being conveniently close to all the top-tier amenities and experiences Grand Cayman offers.

What more if this idyllic piece of paradise becomes your new home?

Read on to learn more about the many opportunities and things to do when you decide to visit, reside, retire, or invest in West Bay, Cayman Islands.


View Of The Limestone Deposits

Unlike some of Grand Cayman’s more tourist-dense areas, West Bay is primarily residential in nature. This means less crowds and more of that peaceful and warm local vibe. Yet, you won’t have to compromise on convenience or luxury.

West Bay is on the northwestern section of Grand Cayman, the North Sound above it. This prime location offers stunning waterfront vistas and easy access to both the island’s sheltered interior and the world-famous stretch of beach.

The area has a network of streets lined with trees and homes on its northwestern side. The north point of the Esterly Tibbetts Highway is found here, starting with a roundabout connected to Batabano Road. The said highway stretches for almost 10 miles going south until it reaches another roundabout right smack in the middle of George Town.

A more scenic access road going from north to south is West Bay Road. This road skims the eastern portion of Seven Mile Beach, offering some coastal views in between buildings and residences lining it. If you’re coming from George Town – the island country’s capital – you’ll discover that the vibe transitions from a bevy of luxurious resorts and hip establishments to a more relaxed and tranquil atmosphere as you move north.

Beyond its relaxed charm, West Bay, Cayman Islands offers a treasure trove of things to do and places to see. From its breathtaking white sandy beaches and renowned dive spots to its cultural attractions and fantastic food scene, there’s plenty to discover.



Take in the captivating beauty of nature in some of West Bay’s attractions as you explore the area on land, by the shore, and just off its shores.

Cemetery Beach

Don’t be deterred by the name – this picturesque stretch of beach holds historical significance and breathtaking beauty. Named after a long-abandoned cemetery located inland, the beach offers a picturesque glimpse into Caymanian history.

Cemetery Beach boasts a more rugged appeal compared to other shores on the island like the Seven Mile Beach. The calm waters are perfect for swimming and snorkelling, with coral reefs that are home to a thriving marine ecosystem just a short swim away. Keep your eyes peeled for curious stingrays and even the occasional sea turtle gliding gracefully through the clear water.

Sand Hole Beach

For those seeking a genuine off-the-beaten-path adventure, Sand Hole Beach awaits. This secluded cove, accessible only via a short hike through a lush coastal forest, offers unspoiled natural beauty and a true sense of escape.

The beach itself is a small, sheltered inlet fringed by dramatic rock formations. Meanwhile, the surrounding cliffs provide breathtaking views. Be sure to bring your own gear if you want to go diving or snorkelling as there are no rental facilities on this secluded beach.

Kittiwake shipwreck

Resting on the sandy ocean floor just off the coast of West Bay, the Kittiwake Shipwreck beckons adventurous divers to explore its beautiful remains. This former submarine rescue vessel was intentionally sunk to create an artificial reef. Now, it serves as a fascinating underwater playground for marine life.

Devil’s Grotto

It may have an ominous name but Devil’s Grotto in West Bay, Grand Cayman is a delight in every aspect. Situated near West Bay’s northern edge, this stunning reef system is a captivating underwater wonderland teeming with a dazzling array of sea creatures and intriguing geological formations.

The reef itself starts at a shallow depth of around 15 feet, making it perfect for beginners to get acclimated. As you venture deeper, reaching depths of 40 feet, the reef transforms into a labyrinth of swim-throughs, caverns, and tunnels. Sunlight filters through cracks and holes in the ceiling, creating a fascinating underwater light show.

Barker’s National Park

If you’re looking for things to do in West Bay, Grand Cayman that are on dry land, then a trip to Barker’s National Park should be on your list. Encompassing over 2,400 acres on West Bay’s eastern potion, it’s a true gem for nature lovers. This diverse park boasts a network of interconnected trails winding through dry forests, wetlands, and mangrove forests.

Barker’s National Park’s trails cater to various skill levels. The Bluff Trail, a moderate hike, rewards you with breathtaking panoramic views of the North Sound and the shimmering Caribbean Sea. Alternatively, the more challenging Mastic Trail takes you through dense mangroves, offering a unique glimpse into this vital ecosystem.

Whether you explore on foot or via kayak on the winding waterways under a canopy of mangroves, you’ll be blessed by spectacular sights of Mother Nature in all her majesty.

Bird Sanctuary West Bay

Bird Sanctuary West Bay is a haven for birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts alike. This 6.5-acre site, nestled on the shores of the North Sound, is a designated wildlife sanctuary that serves as a protected habitat for a variety of bird species.

The sanctuary is particularly popular during spring and fall when migrating birds turn the area into a stopover to rest and refuel. Birdwatchers will delight in spotting warblers, vireos, and even the occasional birds of prey soaring through the clear skies.


Slicing Red Fish

Locals and visitors need not go far or even to the next town to grab a bite. West Bay has its own assortment of dining establishments, some of which have become established neighbourhood go-to’s for great food and drinks. Others have spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea as a backdrop for their meals. But most offer the one thing that’s abundant in West Bay: fresh seafood.

Below are some of the most popular West Bay restaurants.

Cracked Conch

Cracked Conch is a West Bay institution, renowned for its vibrant atmosphere and innovative Caribbean-fusion cuisine. Nestled right on the water’s edge, this iconic eatery offers stunning ocean views that perfectly complement your dining experience.

The menu is a delightful celebration of Caymanian cuisine. Dive into a plate of cracked conch, the restaurant’s namesake dish, which features tender conch fritters served with a tangy sauce. Try their signature “catch of the day,” prepared in such a way that highlights the fish’s natural flavour.

Macabuca Oceanside Tiki Bar & Grill

This beachfront establishment is located just next door to Cracked Conch. It’s the perfect spot to unwind and enjoy delicious pub fare with refreshing cocktails.

The menu has a variety of ceviches, salads, pasta, burgers, seafood meals, and – a signature Caymanian specialty – conch prepared in a variety of ways. Happy Hour happens every Monday night from 5 to 10 PM with your choice of proteins for an all-you-can-eat Caribbean BBQ feast.


NOVA offers a fusion of Mediterranean and Japanese cuisine in a stylish and modern setting. Executive Chef Andreas Kjeldgaard utilizes the freshest local ingredients to create innovative and visually stunning dishes.

Freshly prepared seafood takes centre stage, with dishes like pan-seared scallops and Mediterranean sea bass to highlight your meal. Pasta lovers may indulge in handmade gnocchi or linguine with clams. Be sure to save some room for dessert so you could savour decadent chocolate lava cake or a refreshing limoncello sorbet.

Calypso Grill

Rich French cuisine meets zesty and seafood-centric Caribbean specialties at Calypso Grill. Overlooking Morgan’s Harbour, this charming restaurant offers a delightful escape from the ordinary.

Savor succulent grilled lobster or indulge in delicious steak au poivre. For a lighter option, enjoy a fresh seafood salad or some flavourful vegetarian curry. The wine list boasts a range of international selections, ensuring there’s a perfect pairing for every meal.

Tukka West

This Australian-inspired restaurant brings laid-back beachy vibes to West Bay’s emerging dining scene. Quality-sourced proteins are the stars here, from grass-fed steaks to fresh Pacific Rim-inspired seafood dishes.

Tukka’s airy dining room and wraparound deck foster a fun, festive atmosphere that’s perfect for indulging in shareable plates like the signature Brekky Board, loaded with savoury brunch items. For dinner, don’t miss the Brasserie Burger with crispy pork belly or the seafood grill platter.



Cayman Islands National Museum

The Cayman Islands National Museum, located in George Town, is a treasure trove of Caymanian history and culture. Housed in the historic Old Courts Building, which dates back to the 1830s, the museum offers a fascinating glimpse into the islands’ unique heritage.

Established in 1990, the museum’s origins may be traced back to a resident’s collection from as early as the 1930s. Today, it boasts over 8,000 artifacts, from coins to a 14-foot catboat. Permanent exhibits showcase the Cayman’s natural history. A 3D map offers a glimpse of the underwater geological formations present around the islands. It also shows the island nation’s cultural history, telling the story of the people from the earliest inhabitants to its present-day residents.

The National Gallery of the Cayman Islands

Small as it may seem from the outside, the National Gallery of the Cayman Islands packs a big punch with its incredible collection of local and international artwork. Dive into the vibrant contemporary Caribbean art scene through rotating exhibits showcasing paintings, sculptures, ceramics, and mixed media pieces.

The gallery places a well-deserved emphasis on local artisans. Check out the gift shop for interesting souvenirs ranging from prints to handcrafted jewellery and other kinds of artwork.

Mind’s Eye

For an authentic Caymanian experience outside of West Bay, drive down to the southernmost point of Georgetown and then take a short walk from Church Street going toward the beach. There, you will encounter what’s called a wattle-and-daub home built around the late 1800s. You can’t miss it – this historic home is covered in paintings done by local artist and the Cayman Islands’ pride, Gladwyn “Miss Lassie” Bush.

Now a single-storey complex, visitors may enjoy the fruit of Miss Lassie’s “mind’s eye” and even stay in a section of the house that was converted into a rental.


The vibrant Caymanian spirit resonates in West Bay’s most celebrated events. Not only do these events feature local specialties and Caymanian artistry but they also bring locals and visitors together and boost camaraderie.

Cayman Carnival Batabano

Established in 1983, Batabano may be a relatively young carnival but it boasts a rich tradition. The carnival’s name itself pays homage to the Cayman’s turtling heritage – “Batabano” refers to the tracks left in the sand by sea turtles as they come ashore to nest. Finding these tracks has historically been a reason to celebrate as it signifies a healthy turtle population. This has also become a vital part of Caymanian life.

The carnival is a multi-day affair, featuring a variety of events leading up to the main attraction: the Adult Street Parade. Soca music, a high-energy blend of calypso and soul, pulsates through the air, setting the rhythm for the festivities. Of course, no Caribbean carnival is complete without good food. Sample succulent jerk chicken or flavourful Caymanian stew, followed by a refreshing serving of “swamp juice” – a local concoction of fruits and spices.


Held annually from June to July, the Cayman Islands International Film Festival, or Cayfilm, is a cinephile’s dream. It transforms the islands into a vibrant hub for film screenings, industry discussions, and star-studded events.

While specific locations for screenings may vary, Cayfilm traditionally takes place across different parts of Grand Cayman. Venues have included The Ritz-Carlton, the Harquail Theatre, and the National Gallery, offering a backdrop that blends island beauty with cultural appreciation.

Parade of Lights

Every December, Grand Cayman twinkles a little brighter with the Parade of Lights, a dazzling spectacle that kicks off the island’s festive season. Held at Camana Bay, a beautiful waterfront town, the Parade of Lights transforms the harbour into a magical seascape.

If you’re planning to visit, come early as the bay is bound to be packed. As soon as the sun sets, boats of all shapes and sizes adorned with countless twinkling lights begin to glide through the harbour. From sleek yachts to colourful fishing boats, every vessel is a canvas for dazzling creativity.


Whether you’re drawn to the underwater wonders, the historic charm, or the sizzling food scene, West Bay offers an unforgettable summer experience. But for those who truly want to immerse themselves in the magic of West Bay, consider making it more than just a vacation destination.

In finding the home of your dreams in West Bay, look no further than The Bovell Team. With over 50 years of combined experience in the Cayman Islands real estate industry, we have the expertise and local knowledge to help you navigate the buying process with ease.

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