Calling the Cayman Islands home


Q. I have lived and worked in the Cayman Islands for eight years. Am I entitled to apply for Permanent Residence?
Yes – you can apply to reside permanently in the Islands with the right to work so long as you have been legally and ordinarily resident in the Islands for a minimum of eight years.

Q. Can my wife still live and work in the Islands as well?
Yes – you can apply for yourself and your dependents (wife and/or children) to reside permanently in the Islands. Your wife can also apply for a Residency and Employment Rights Certificate once you are a Permanent Resident so she can work.

Q. How do I qualify?
You make your application to the Caymanian Status and Permanent Residency Board. Applications are based upon a points system, which takes into consideration your occupation; knowledge and experience; skills, investment in the Islands; funds and salary; contribution to the community; history/culture test; close Caymanian connections and demographics. Each criteria scores a maximum of 20 points, apart from knowledge and experience which scores a maximum of 25 and close Caymanian connections, which scores a maximum of 100 points. There are also unlimited deductible points. You have to score at least 100 in order to succeed.

Q. What benefits do I get if my application is successful?
You receive a Certificate that allows you to live and work in the Cayman Islands. You can accept employment from any employer of your choice, provided it is within your particular occupation as specified by the Board. Your dependents may also live with you.

Q. Will my wife be able to work once we have permanent residence?
Yes – if she is granted a Residency and Employment Rights Certificate (known as a RERC).

Q. I am a Caymanian and married to an expatriate. Can my wife work?
Yes – she can apply for a RERC so she can work.

Q. What criteria does she have to meet in order to receive such a grant?
She must prove she is married to a Caymanian; that the marriage is not one of convenience; that she is of good character; that she is in good health (requires a medical exam); that your marriage is stable and that she and you have sufficient financial means to support yourselves and your dependents.